A well-informed estates strategy enables organisations to plan ahead and make best use of their assets – to facilitate service improvements, commercial stability or growth, as well as drive efficiency.

The benefit for clients is a complete picture, so boards have information for informed investment and divestment decision-making and to maximise utilisation of their highest quality facilities. BaS LIFT’s difference lies in its ability to place strategic aims at the heart of its work; making property an enabler not the decider of how and where services run.

BaS LIFT’s key areas of work include the understanding of health economies, service modelling, operational requirements, public sector accounting, land and property disposals and efficient management of estate – all of which inform its approach to strategic property planning. Having developed 15 new healthcare buildings and assisted in the delivery of a number of development and consultancy projects, the BaS LIFT team has in depth knowledge of the local health and social care estate and can use this to support an organisation’s estates strategy, delivering flexible and affordable property solutions to increase space utilisation and maximise efficiency.

The team’s experience includes work with commissioners, providers and estate owners and managers including PCTs, Strategic Partnering Boards (SPBs), NHS England, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Foundation Trusts (FTs) and aspirant FTs.

Why have a review and estate strategy?

  • Understand the full potential of estate to support integrated working
  • Align with a commissioning vision
  • Focus investment to improve patient experience
  • Ensure facilities can continue to meet quality standards
  • Prioritisation of premises investment and divestment for a managed system of approvals
  • Improve operational efficiency and competitiveness
  • Whole estate context and data for investment business cases
  • Get more from your premises and improve utilisation, efficiency , quality and accessibility

What does an estates review and strategy include?

We have delivered tailored estates strategies that meet the requirements of Integrated Business Plans and Primary Care Development Plans and they were produced to a depth and scale to suit the client. Information can include:

  • Review of strategic and service aims to provide strategic context
  • Description of the existing estate
  • Evaluation of the existing estate: 6-Facet Survey
  • Mapping estate including landlord and tenant information and service delivery points
  • Mapping the wider local health estate
  • Statutory regulations and quality standards
  • Functional suitability
  • Space utilisation
  • Energy Management
  • Service and estate rationalisation
  • Estate workforce planning
  • Costs of occupancy
  • Key estate performance indicators
  • Disposal valuations
  • Redevelopment appraisals


When clients have an important choice to make about estate or premises BaS LIFT can offer a complete picture to quickly evaluate options based on operational and financial considerations such as service disruption, movement of staff, cost and time and as well as accounting, funding, design and construction aspects. Reports can be presented to suit clients’ business case formats.