The Dove Primary Care Centre

Witton Lodge Community Association and its volunteers played a big part in the development of the centre and BaS LIFT worked closely with them to ensure the community played a vital role in its development. At the start of the project, the ground floor was to incorporate a community association drop-in facility, however funding for this was subsequently withdrawn. The design team worked quickly with the NHS to redesign the space, allowing new services to be incorporated instead – in this instance an urgent care suite.

Another notable feature of the centre is its stunning community-inspired artwork. Working with a storyteller and local artist, residents and schoolchildren used stories and ideas about neighbouring Perry Common as the inspiration for some imaginative artwork, including light panels on the walls and a colourful floor for the play area in reception.

At the fore-'front' of design

As a centrally located site, the land for the healthcare facility was surrounded on all four sides by buildings and other proposed developments due to be delivered as part of the area’s ongoing regeneration. With the need for the design to address three frontages and not appear to have an obvious ‘back’, the design team used two L-shapes back-to-back, so the building had no weaker elevations in design terms.
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  • Size: 2053sqm

  • Completed: January 2008

  • Partners: NHS Birmingham East and North, GP practice staff, Witton Lodge Community Association
"The Dove Primary Care Centre was a key piece of the jigsaw in Perry Common’s regeneration plans, ensuring healthcare facilities for all as the community expands."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, BaS LIFT