Stockland Green Primary Care Centre

The team succeeded in developing the site immediately adjacent to the old facility, therefore eliminating the need for temporary accommodation during construction and avoiding disruption to services. Benefitting from BaS LIFT’s service planning expertise, the three storey building has been designed to maximise available floor space, providing room for a number of services and community facilities. These include speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, community nursing, health visiting, a minor surgery suite, dental facilities and a pharmacy. The provision of shared space and bookable rooms also provides potential expansion space and flexibility for the future.

Keeping services operational

A key feature of the solution for this community’s health needs was to create a new centre but in the same location as the old one. The team purchased a plot of land adjacent to the original site, however this meant the area for construction was exceedingly tight and careful phasing was essential to ensure existing services could remain operational throughout the build. The solution involved renting part of the neighbouring social club car park as a site compound and using the site of the original structure as a car park for the new facility. The two smaller practices that had been based at the old centre were also joined by a larger group practice, formerly based on Reservoir Road.
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  • Size: 3243sqm

  • Completed: December 2008

  • Partners: NHS Birmingham East and North
"Due to the restricted site adjacent to the current building, phasing was a key feature of this development to ensure the continuity of services for the community while their new state-of-the-art building was being constructed."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, BaS LIFT