Greet Health Care

HoBtPCT was looking to provide additional clinical facilities and administration space to an existing primary care premises. This included an X-Ray and MRI facility, as well as treatment rooms for minor surgery and additional GP accommodation. To avoid disruption to the health centre’s operations, BaS LIFT took a phased approach to the development, with the first phase involving the refurbishment of the existing building and the second comprising a two-storey extension.

Overcoming site constraints

Working with its healthcare planners and specialist design and development team, BaS LIFT undertook a service planning exercise before putting together a detailed design brief. Constrained by the existing building, this required input from its architectural team, as well as structural and civil engineers, building services and interior designers. As the proposed development would involve the remediation of contaminated former industrial land, as well as addressing a neighbouring water course, BaS LIFT worked closely with the Environment Agency throughout the project. The resulting design includes temporary flood alleviation measures to overcome the prospect of flooding, while any volatile organic compounds were also removed from the land to ensure the site was developable.
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  • Size: 787sqm

  • Completed: November 2009

  • Partners: Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust
"With the Trust already owning the site and building this was an opportunity for BaS to show it could deliver a capital scheme to the same quality and value for money as a larger investment project."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, BaS LIFT