Chelmsley Wood Primary Care Centre

With the local GP practice operating from a temporary building which had become a target for vandalism, there was a desperate need to improve primary care facilities in the area.

The new building acts as a community focus. As well as offering a number of health and social care services in one convenient location, including mental health services, community nursing and health visiting, dental services, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, minor surgery and audiology, the development also includes a community café, offering a meeting point for local residents.

The landmark building received an excellent review from the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) for its contribution to local renewal and recognizes how the design gives quality to the area, successfully strives against the institutional and offers visitors a welcoming environment.

Meeting new service demands

When the local primary care trust expressed a wish for specialist audiology services to be relocated to Chelmsley Wood, BaS LIFT was commissioned to advise and project manage the conversion project. With a need to keep the building fully operational throughout the works, it was important to deliver a solution that would minimise disruption to staff and service users. BaS LIFT’s design team reviewed the specification and produced detailed designs for the conversion, taking into account the structure of the existing building and the routing of building services. Taking an integrated approach from the outset shortened the construction programme by two weeks, saving circa £25,000 in unnecessary building works.
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  • Size: 3092sqm

  • Completed: July 2005

  • Partners: Solihull NHS Care Trust
"Consultation was key to delivering this bold, landmark building. Aided by the full and extensive involvement of users, patients and the wider community, the project team has successfully designed a facility capable of delivering 21st Century standards of patient health and social care services."
Ewan Forsyth, Development Director, BaS LIFT