Aston Health Centre

Located on the junction of Bevington Road and Trinity Road, the existing premises was not DDA compliant and needed to be made accessible, modern and fit-for-purpose if it was to expand its service provision.

Comprising level two accommodation and having transformed the existing GP space, patients now benefit from consultant-led clinics, such as rheumatology, right in the heart of the community. With specialist services now being provided outside of an acute setting, accessibility for patients has been greatly improved.

Quick and efficient premises solutions

BaS LIFT worked with HoBtPCT to develop the brief for the refurbishment, including assisting with healthcare planning. Utilising the experience of its specialist design team, building services were re-routed to accommodate the new clinical accommodation and changes to the structure considered from the outset to ensure the project could meet tight operational deadlines. The refurbishment was completed in just eight months, demonstrating BaS LIFT’s ability to deliver quick and efficient premises solutions to meet changing clinical and service objectives.

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  • Size: 300sqm

  • Completed: February 2008

  • Partners: Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust
"The targeted investment in Aston Health Centre gave a boost to a much needed, centrally located facility, enabling patients to benefit from a greater range of services – closer to home."
Julian Kavanagh, Development Director, BaS LIFT