Summerfield Primary Care Centre reconfiguration – a key example of space for change in health and care

21st September 2022

An unused office at Summerfield Primary Care Centre has been repurposed to meet the increased demand for clinical accommodation in this high-quality health centre.

The primary care centre was originally developed by BaS LIFT in partnership with Prime as part of a mixed-use regeneration project within inner-city Birmingham.

In the last few years, as hybrid working has become more commonplace, office space at the primary care centre was not being utilised. Community Health Partnerships (CHP) raised a proposal for clinical accommodation after identifying the first floor as having the potential to be used for the benefit of the local community.

Working with developer, Prime, architects, One Creative Environments, and contractor, Integral UK, four large, high-quality clinical consulting rooms were developed and are now available for booking by healthcare providers. This includes the local Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, enabling acute care service to be provided in the local community.

The refurbishment serves as a key example of Prime’s ethos – developing space for change in health and care. Maintaining the flexibility of a space to respond to growing and evolving needs is core to improving patient care.

Jo Siddles, Project Manager, said “With mounting pressure on trusts to deliver low-acuity services within local communities and an increase in demand for clinical accommodation in general, the revision of this space will serve as a benefit to patients and staff across the whole spectrum of healthcare. The greatest benefit of this project is to increase the number of patients receiving care in the most appropriate setting.”

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