BaS LIFT welcomes HICL as new partner in Prime LIFT Investments

31st October 2012

HICL Infrastructure Company Limited (HICL), the UK’s largest listed social infrastructure fund, joins Prime plc as joint venture partner in Prime LIFT Investments Ltd (PLIL) – the private sector partner for BaS LIFT. PLIL has been a 60 per cent shareholding partner in BaS LIFT since its inception in 2004.

John Taylor, chairman of BaS LIFT, comments: “We’re delighted that HICL, the UK’s largest listed social infrastructure fund, has joined Prime plc as a shareholder in Prime LIFT Investments Ltd, the private sector investor in BaS LIFT. Through this joint venture, BaS LIFT will continue to play a central and strategic role in providing new health and social care facilities for NHS and local authority clients in Birmingham and Solihull and, given HICL’s track record of investment in major public infrastructure such as the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, we are looking forward to working with them to continue to grow our investment in the local health economy through future projects.”

During the last seven years, BaS LIFT has helped its public sector partners transform delivery of local health and social care services by delivering an impressive 18 new and improved facilities. One such example is the new Sparkbrook Community & Health Centre, which accommodates both local NHS and Birmingham City Council services.

With exciting and diverse projects such as the new Birmingham Dental Hospital at Pebble Mill and the Birmingham Community Assessment and Treatment Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities in development, the BaS LIFT team is looking ahead at an exciting future with its new partner in place.

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