What is LIFT?

The national Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) programme was conceived to channel much-needed investment into new GP facilities and to support the provision of modern, integrated primary care services closer to people’s homes. Launched in 2001, the initiative has been an effective way of working with local partners to improve primary and social care services and increasing access to these in some of the most deprived communities.

In addition to healthcare, LIFT has delivered other valuable community-based facilities across England, working with local authorities to integrate social care facilities, libraries, leisure centres and education services for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

BaS LIFT is one of 49 LIFT companies across England. As a joint venture company it combines the specialist expertise and knowledge of its private sector partner, Prime plc, with the skills and experience of the public sector to provide better environments and support structures for service users and front line professionals, while delivering a number of key benefits:

A pre-approved NHS procurement route, saving time and increasing efficiency

  • A ready-made, flexible supply chain
  • The source for local healthcare estates knowledge
  • Facilitates partnership working and integration of services
  • Flexibility and agility for a changing health economy
  • Services provided on a call-off basis